Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tony Matelli

Caroline is working with a local artist, Tony Matelli, who lives and works in Greenpoint. We met him at the Mark Bar near our house one night that we ended up staying out way late with him and some of his friends. They were interesting guys - we found out one of them was a gallery owner in Chelsea and that Tony had a show there. This gave them a little credit and when Caroline was looking for a summer internship she looked Tony up.

Turns out he's a rad guy. He has a studio just across McGuiness on Dupoint so it's quick to get over there. He's chill about me coming over too. He has a very interesting studio. It's the second and top floor of a ware house. It's one large room (about a three car garage) all sprayed out white. Right now he's working on a piece of a guy that is all mangled and bruised. His stuff is very life like and grotesque. Not horribly shocking, but not the average Joes cup of tea I'm sure.

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