Monday, May 20, 2013

Utility Canvas

After being introduced to Utility Canvas a few years back via Remodelista I have continued to follow their work and constantly keep them in mind for my own.  They make tough canvas quilts and throws with a fantastic hand which give them a balance of tough simplicity that I find myself constantly gravitating towards.  With a current project on a lake house in Maine they instantly came to mind as the right solution, so while I was in New York this trip I took the time to stop by their shop rather than purchase online.  I ended up meeting the company founders who are just the characters you would imagine to be behind this line.  Living part time in the Hudson Valley, part time in the city, and part time at their home in Maine they share my own necessity for the urban and rural in my life.  They also frequent Japan since they have recently opened a store there so we were able to swap stories about favorite shops and the like.  They were so encouraging and helpful while talking about starting a business (relevant to both Tom and I) and producing a product you are excited about.  I left feeling like I'm really a part of something.  Not completely sure what, but it makes me want to keep pushing forward in this ever challenging and elusive career of mine.