Tuesday, June 26, 2007

John Singer Sargent

I went to the Met with friends today. More than usual I wanted to see the European painting of the 1300-1800. I definately love abstract, yet I am loving good old realism and paying attention to the styles of different time periods. The colors and figures of the 1300's are different from following centuries in a surprising way. They are saturated with bold colors - and figures are almost goofy in their cartoony way. Then as years go on things get so serious and dark. I hadn't noticed that contratst before. Towards the end of our time there when everyone else headed to the Modern Art area I decided to hunt out the early American Artist, John Singer Sargent in particular. Because of construction it was ridiculously tricky to locate, but a treat once I did.

Saturated colors, opulent materials creepy maid


While searching:

I ran into this Andy Warhol self portrait. It was towards the end of his career. The info blurb next to the photo made a descriptive statement about how Warhol had become so everywhere in his hip modern ways that these self portrait pieces were a bit unsettling and shocking when they came out. It seems like a vulnerable light to allow yourself to be seen. All the more provacative I suppose.

Finally after passing through the armory, Egyption, and decorative arts sections I came upon a stair case that lead me to the mezzanine of what little American Art they had on display.

How exciting all of that land must have been, and the freedom of doing things in new ways. I know it wasn't like that for everyone that came into this country in the 19th century, but a lot of the paintings depicted just that. Dusty colors in the west. Parks, greenery, laid back additude - that definately wasn't inherited from England.

Finally to Sargent. Throughout my art back ground Sargent was never particularly high lited by professors - so if it weren't for Chelsea, I'm unsure how aware of him I ever would have become. She has talked about him and has had books open about him since Freshmen year in college. Every time I see his work I am reminded why, I don't think I can explain it much past that. Sargent's women did strike me though. How unique and strong they are compared to the whimsical giddy ones found in Eroupe in the years preceeding. There are so many women painted either as noble, austeer, wealthy patrons, or else silly and naked. Sargent's women seem stronger. He's not afraid to show differnt emotions.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hamptons House

This is a project in East Hampton. It's a beautifully age and moss patina'ed wood shingled "1890's cottage" as the client refers to it. The inside is mainly blasted with white and more white. Slightly mismatched mis-scaled furniture, but it is beautifully lived in and casual. Very simple easy going living happens here.
As far as changes go I am starting by focusing on the background. Flooring, lighting, hardware, plumbing. They need to be made consitent. The lighting especially. There are so many fixtures that are old and well made - then others that are new and cheap. I'd love it if they would really focus on the lighting especially.

I can't get over how beautiful the exterior is. The woods variations are lovely. The enviornment is as easy going as it looks.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ishida Crandall

Aki Ishida was my professor for Studio I. Studio classes are meant to guide you through a design projects start to finish. From concept to finished models, drawings, etc.
David Crandall was my professor for Drawing I: 2d. Drawing I:2d is teaching floor plans, elevations, sections etc. We start by hand drawing them, then produce them in Auto Cad.
I credit David for teaching me to enjoy Auto CAD, which is no small feat. I thought I could never like it, and I even learned to love it. The reason I didn't like it was because most of the Auto Cad drawings you see are as simple and uninteresting as possible, but with some detail it can be really interesting, I think.
Any how, Aki and David are partners in their architecture firm Ishida Crandall. From their teaching personalities alone I would not have assumed that they would be a likely pair, but when I finally checked out their web site I was delitfully surprised.

Cory Kennedy?

I ran into this girl in a Jane magazine, where they posted her blog - www.corykennedy.blogspot.com
I've only looked her up a few times, but I think it's an interesting blog. It's like following a celeb that is in the "it" artsy fashion scene, but isn't famous. Not that I know of anyway. She's a guilty pleasure for me.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Black and White

What is it about black and white photos that's so intriguing? I guess without color you are forced to look more towards form and texture? but I don't know, I definately find excitment in the old, worn, distant feeling it gives too.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007