Thursday, November 15, 2007

More B Cards

I'm in a portfolio class and it's been so nice to organize all of the things I have been working on for the past year and half, but I feel like it's never done or I always want to change it.

This is the Business Card and Letter Head I turned in for class. I like them, but I like my other cards too, maybe even more.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

David Maisel

"For more than twenty years, David Maisel has chronicled the tensions between nature and culture in his large-scaled photographs of environmentally impacted landscapes."
These are works by an artist that we came across while we were in Chelsea. I loved his stuff and even bought a little mini book of his - paper back and $10!

Turns out after reading about some of this artists images, particularly the ones included in the works titled "Treminal Mirage" (which were what we saw) - many are taken in Utah around the Great Salt Lake.

When I first saw his images I was drawn to the colors and abstract nature of them. Slowly I realized they were at a giant scale. Huge masses of land or water were making those colors and shapes. That's a little alarming since it's hard to imagine a body of water being such an unnatural color. It's a little scary, a lot beautiful.


Streets of Chelsea at dusk. I loved the paint color painted over this old brick building (the one on the left). It was a creamy grey green. It looks blueish here though.
Chelsea sitting near one my new favorite photographers pieces. His name is David Maisel.
love birds
One of the best parts of the galleries were the buildings in Chelsea. There were so many long desolate hallways. I really liked the teeny ladder and the green door at the end of the long white hall.
Painting I dug - only $750 - seriously though, that's cheap
Maybe the last remains of a tree in all of Chelsea. The area is greasy and industrial contrasted with the white pristine monstrous galleries. This stump looks hearty.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Whitney museum lights in the entry . . .

lovelove the silver on the single bulbs


This day in October in Brooklyn the air was so nice. Blue and cold.