Thursday, November 15, 2007

More B Cards

I'm in a portfolio class and it's been so nice to organize all of the things I have been working on for the past year and half, but I feel like it's never done or I always want to change it.

This is the Business Card and Letter Head I turned in for class. I like them, but I like my other cards too, maybe even more.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

David Maisel

"For more than twenty years, David Maisel has chronicled the tensions between nature and culture in his large-scaled photographs of environmentally impacted landscapes."
These are works by an artist that we came across while we were in Chelsea. I loved his stuff and even bought a little mini book of his - paper back and $10!

Turns out after reading about some of this artists images, particularly the ones included in the works titled "Treminal Mirage" (which were what we saw) - many are taken in Utah around the Great Salt Lake.

When I first saw his images I was drawn to the colors and abstract nature of them. Slowly I realized they were at a giant scale. Huge masses of land or water were making those colors and shapes. That's a little alarming since it's hard to imagine a body of water being such an unnatural color. It's a little scary, a lot beautiful.


Streets of Chelsea at dusk. I loved the paint color painted over this old brick building (the one on the left). It was a creamy grey green. It looks blueish here though.
Chelsea sitting near one my new favorite photographers pieces. His name is David Maisel.
love birds
One of the best parts of the galleries were the buildings in Chelsea. There were so many long desolate hallways. I really liked the teeny ladder and the green door at the end of the long white hall.
Painting I dug - only $750 - seriously though, that's cheap
Maybe the last remains of a tree in all of Chelsea. The area is greasy and industrial contrasted with the white pristine monstrous galleries. This stump looks hearty.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Whitney museum lights in the entry . . .

lovelove the silver on the single bulbs


This day in October in Brooklyn the air was so nice. Blue and cold.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Evolyne texted and asked if I wanted to go to "Wrist Cutters" tonight. I thought, "that seems a little depressing, but thanks anyway". Turns out I'm a sucker for hanging out, pretty much always, so later today I said I would meet her at the theater - I can't keep doing this though cause I can't afford to go to movies. They are seeming more and more decedent for my budget.

Wristcutters follows Patrick Fugit's (kid in "Almost Famous") character through his mellow dramatic suicide and his gray after life that follows.

The colors, the mood, the aesthetic it's gray and clean - sullen and beautiful. A lot of it was filmed in the desert - prob Las Vegas to Arizona to Utah. It reminded me of home and the slow almost undetectable pulse of the desert - especially while you're driving through it with the windows down and no one - no where - in sight.

The characters are relaxed and thoughtful. Unapologetically undone in a way that seems perfect for their setting and their plights.

Liked it, loved it. Cinematography would get you if the story line didn't (which it does).

Thursday, October 18, 2007

M&J Trimmings

I discovered this ribbon store (well some one told me about it) a couple of weeks ago and i can't tell you how amazed I was by it. I thought I was in heaven (sad but true). They have every color and type of ribbon and/or trim imaginable. As well as buttons and all sorts of other doo dads. It was a beautiful sight.

Lindsey Rhea - look at all of those handles to choose from for your bags! I guess you better come visit.

Vintage ribbons

The stacked bolts of ribbon are some grosgrain I couldn't resist.

I even found ribbon for Paige's wedding.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christiane Hoegner

I found this portfolio while looking up furniture and design stuff online and I fell in love.

It's not easy to blog about since some of the best part is the interactivness of the page.

I don't know much besides what's on their site about this person, but their portfolio is rad.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hankie Please

Both of my grandmas used to always have hankies on them. They were so much softer than the tissues my neighbor's mom used to use on our faces ( I say my neighbor because I have no memory of my mom trying to get me to blow my nose, but my neighbors mom did all of the time for some reason).
So it's no secret that the weather in New York in the summer is mucky, hot, and oh so sweaty. You sure never feel like a lady in weather like that. I change my cloths and shower multiple times a day in the summer. Especially since we didn't have AC in our apartment this summer.
The connection is that I finally thought to ask my grandma Bob about where she used to get those hankies she always had. They seemed like a lovely sweat combatant for those sweaty brow, neck, arm pits (gasp!) days. I asked the right lady because she found some for me in a sweet little town outside of Nashville, TN. Of course Bob would do something like that. I love her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hamptons House Color Boards

Used these to walk through color and overall concept with my lovely Hamptons House clients. I also put together PDFs for the specifics on furniture.

Guest room drawing of built in bookcase behind the bed.