Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hankie Please

Both of my grandmas used to always have hankies on them. They were so much softer than the tissues my neighbor's mom used to use on our faces ( I say my neighbor because I have no memory of my mom trying to get me to blow my nose, but my neighbors mom did all of the time for some reason).
So it's no secret that the weather in New York in the summer is mucky, hot, and oh so sweaty. You sure never feel like a lady in weather like that. I change my cloths and shower multiple times a day in the summer. Especially since we didn't have AC in our apartment this summer.
The connection is that I finally thought to ask my grandma Bob about where she used to get those hankies she always had. They seemed like a lovely sweat combatant for those sweaty brow, neck, arm pits (gasp!) days. I asked the right lady because she found some for me in a sweet little town outside of Nashville, TN. Of course Bob would do something like that. I love her.

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