Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A little relationship is blossoming!
I'm so excited about what fun this will bring.
Follow along for yourself

Monday, October 6, 2008

Joan Mitchell

I jotted down this name while I was in the SFMOMA as the artist to one of the paintings I really liked. I'm not even sure which painting it was because all I did was write down the name. Anyways, I looked her up and of course I really like her other work. Plus, some how just from looking at her photo (see above) I thought she seemed like an interesting artist and person.

Once I started reading up on Mitchell my favorite discussion on her work is of her physical materiality, as seen here:

title: Girolata Triptych
date: 1964

title: Untitled
date: 1995

Art Net on Joan Mitchell
"Joan Mitchell as an abstract expressionist composes with long curvilinear strokes or broad stains of color, contrasting warm and cool, often on un-primed canvases. Her perceptions enrich her work with a fascinating sense of the unfinished. Joan Mitchell demonstrated in painting just as in life-anything can happen."

title: Untitled
date: 1955

I love the stick like strokes in this piece and the white space

title: Untitled
date: 1959

This piece is part of the Whitney's permanent collection

title: Untitled
date: 1992

This piece was done the last year of her life

Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

What a bad ass

J.Crew - since 1994

I can clearly remember combing through the J.Crew catalog with my friend Sarah over and over every fall since the 7th grade. We kind of just worshiped them, and since then I always secretly have, even though I like to tell myself I don't like cookie cutter "catelog" clothes or they're over priced or because the clothes look way better in the catalogs then they do on.

So any way, there's my J.Crew rant - the morel of the story being don't let any of that be true of their wedding dresses! I love so many of them! and I don't even have any marriage plans!

I love the back detail on this one

Pretty sure this is a shot gun brides dress, but I still like the detail

Friday, October 3, 2008

Little Otsu

This came from a little shop which was found during my wanderings in SF. So many pretty little things there - I'm kind a sucker for that. It's probably much better to see all of the drawings and things in person, but in case you want to peek for yourself here's your chance.

They have a link to their blog, which has links to all of the artists they work with. A cash of information really. This is a little drawing I picked up there, it's a card I guess, but I'm going to treat it like the fine art it is and frame it. I hearted it from the moment I laid eyes on it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vera Farmiga

I don't know that I have seen her in any movies until I saw "The Departed" but I was loving her in it. Working with 2 BIG timers (deCaprio & Damen) I think she did a really good job holding her own.
The reason I looked her up really is I wanted a good shot of her in this out fit - she was a psychiatrist in the movie and spent a lot of her on screen time in this get up. She wore high-waisted suit pants, a matching vest and jacket and she totally worked it. I'm pretty positive I could never pull off the same look, but she looked awesome.

San Francisco Street Art

Luckily Aubrey sent me a-wondering in an artsy little neighborhood in the Mission District while I was kicking it in SF. There were interesting things on every corner, and here are a few . . .

This is an old book store where someone posts these little memorials of authors who have passed. Check it in the close ups:

These were in a little alley way that Aubrey had told me about

Someones garage door - I want to commission this person to come do my garage door, if and when I ever get one.
One of my favorites, I'm not sure why.