Monday, October 6, 2008

Joan Mitchell

I jotted down this name while I was in the SFMOMA as the artist to one of the paintings I really liked. I'm not even sure which painting it was because all I did was write down the name. Anyways, I looked her up and of course I really like her other work. Plus, some how just from looking at her photo (see above) I thought she seemed like an interesting artist and person.

Once I started reading up on Mitchell my favorite discussion on her work is of her physical materiality, as seen here:

title: Girolata Triptych
date: 1964

title: Untitled
date: 1995

Art Net on Joan Mitchell
"Joan Mitchell as an abstract expressionist composes with long curvilinear strokes or broad stains of color, contrasting warm and cool, often on un-primed canvases. Her perceptions enrich her work with a fascinating sense of the unfinished. Joan Mitchell demonstrated in painting just as in life-anything can happen."

title: Untitled
date: 1955

I love the stick like strokes in this piece and the white space

title: Untitled
date: 1959

This piece is part of the Whitney's permanent collection

title: Untitled
date: 1992

This piece was done the last year of her life

Portrait by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

What a bad ass

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