Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love of Danes

I was stopped in my tracks on Bond Street today by the furniture in a store called modern link. They carry vintage Danish furniture.

Of course the chairs that I completely fell for are particularly rare . . .
and expensive.


They were in a light grey wool with a dark charcoal seat cushion. I think that's the colors of this one above, but there's not as much contrast in this photo.

I don't like the blue fabric much, but these photos show off the shape - I have heart burn thinking about them, they're lovely.

I found a sette on line
Then found this desk online too that is so so pretty. Wish I could see this one in person.

New York Look

Picked up this magazine at a subway station and now I'm enthraulled by it. I am a new convert to New York Magazine so when I saw a fasiony version I had a good feeling.

Turns out I was right. This thing is so pretty. The whole magazine. It's nice to find something so different. I mean I heart Vouge and always will, but you never realize how formulaic it is until you pick something up that gives you a new way of looking.

From the graphic design, to the layout, storys, to photographs it's lovely.

George Jensen

I love this watch. No idea how much it is - have a feeling it's overly absorbident. Love it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Salt Lake City . . . hmmm

Since I left for school I haven't been feeling like I would like moving back to Salt Lake - any time soon anyway.

I must admit, since being here I have been thinking a lot more about working here, and I would love it if I found a job that I really liked of course.

Until I am ready for that here are the other places that I'm thinking I want to look into

Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland

East Coast
Carolina (not absolutely sure why, but I have a feeling)
New York City

Non Costal
Sante Fe
Northern Idaho

West Coast
San Francisco
South of San Francisco

I talk like I would be able to get a job in any of these places.
I do know that if I could have my way I would have a home base in one of these places, and then I could travel and work and play and work and travel. There are a lot of people who can't travel a lot for work - so there should be opportunities for people who want to right?

Mostly I'm thinking i would like to keep working in residential. I like working with people and their life styles, their ideas, their families.