Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Christiane Hoegner

I found this portfolio while looking up furniture and design stuff online and I fell in love.

It's not easy to blog about since some of the best part is the interactivness of the page.

I don't know much besides what's on their site about this person, but their portfolio is rad.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hankie Please

Both of my grandmas used to always have hankies on them. They were so much softer than the tissues my neighbor's mom used to use on our faces ( I say my neighbor because I have no memory of my mom trying to get me to blow my nose, but my neighbors mom did all of the time for some reason).
So it's no secret that the weather in New York in the summer is mucky, hot, and oh so sweaty. You sure never feel like a lady in weather like that. I change my cloths and shower multiple times a day in the summer. Especially since we didn't have AC in our apartment this summer.
The connection is that I finally thought to ask my grandma Bob about where she used to get those hankies she always had. They seemed like a lovely sweat combatant for those sweaty brow, neck, arm pits (gasp!) days. I asked the right lady because she found some for me in a sweet little town outside of Nashville, TN. Of course Bob would do something like that. I love her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hamptons House Color Boards

Used these to walk through color and overall concept with my lovely Hamptons House clients. I also put together PDFs for the specifics on furniture.

Guest room drawing of built in bookcase behind the bed.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Letter Press

I don't remember when it was, but the first time I saw Richard (as I came to know him)'s rickety letter press stand at the Artists and Fleas flea market in Williamsburg I knew I would love for him to make me some business cards. Letter press is a long process - and can be expensive to have done, but Richard's prices seemed so reasonable - and how can you not just LOVE letter press.
All this to say, finally last weekend I approached Richard about making my own, very professional business cards. I originally thought that I would send him a PDF of the business cards that we designed in Digital Design class at Parsons School of Design - but shortly after starting a conversation with this man I was sitting on a little stool next to his picking out a font out of the 20 some odd he had in an old navy binder as he put ink on his press. I had to pick right now, right then. So I did! and I quite like them. It was a spontaneous choice, but in this instance it seemed all too appropriate.
They simple 10 pt. Universal type face on a white (with a subtle yellow under under tone) heavy card stock. You can feel the indentation that the metal letters made on the front and the back. They truly look like a card you would find in your Grandmas old copy of Pride and Prejudice or something.

This man is an artisan. I'm not sure if her really knows how much his craft is really worth and how big of a production he could have, but I don't really want him to know. It's too cool how he prints right then and there on the spot off a little press he holds up with a milk crate that he loads and unloads from his van everyday at varying spots around the city and it's boroughs. I love finding people like him.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

pictures from my life

Went through my pics on my computer today to get rid of what I don't need. Some pictures (like some of these) are ones that I pretend to forget about, but I don't get rid of them. They're too lovely.

From a time I got to spend with Jared Singer. It was a lovely and hard time (breaking up sucks), but of course I wouldn't take anything back. Especially these pictures.

antler sculpture garden

Friday, September 14, 2007


I met with my Hamptons House clients this morning at 8 a.m. We had it so early so we would have enough time - we can get carried away. I stayed up until about 4 getting ready. I have such a hard time focusing on this job. It's overwhelming usually - then in crunch time I'm on a role. I could stay up all night (and almost always do).

Now, 4 hours later, I'm still on a high. They loved it. and now I love them. We had soo much fun! We communicate well and have so much fun talking about their place. It is so ridiculously gratifying to hear them say "I love it". I get so nervous, worrying that I will miss something or they won't "get" something I'm trying to do - but no, they do . . . and they love it!

I'm on cloud nine. I love that they love what I love - and they're going to pay me to do it! Perfect relationship.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


This rug is called lawn. I like it.

Friday, September 7, 2007

P & M

This was the first go at the invitations, but the dark colored paper was too expensive or something. Paige did a really good job of making them look great anyway.
Paige made this little collage of the colors that she wanted at her wedding. I was quite proud of this creative out burst. Plus I really loved the colors. They seem fall appropriate with out being typical.

These were some of the inspirations for Paige's flowers at her wedding. I really wanted dahlias for some reason. Some might think they're ghetto, but I love how they have big fluffy blossoms, yet aren't as fancy as peonies, yet not as plain as daisies or mums, yet I do love mum's.
Any how, I ordered yellow dahlias from Ensign in SLC. They got in the day of Paige's bridals and we went to pick them up, and they were awful. Just grouse. They were a light, sherbity yellowie color. They were wilted and sloppy looking. Very disconcerting. Poor Paige tried to pretend like she liked them. They didn't make us buy them. Luckily we found some dahlias already in that were an orange-ish color that worked. Then we spotted the little flowers that Amanda used for her wedding (which I LOVED) and they seemed to make the difference. That's exactly the gold I need - if only we could afford a bunch of them, expensive little suckers.


My Hamptons House family told me about this little company. Actually I don't know how little or big they really are, but I do love their web site.
Some of their pieces I just love. Others, eh. But the ones I like I love. So I am very very happy to have been introduced.