Friday, September 7, 2007

P & M

This was the first go at the invitations, but the dark colored paper was too expensive or something. Paige did a really good job of making them look great anyway.
Paige made this little collage of the colors that she wanted at her wedding. I was quite proud of this creative out burst. Plus I really loved the colors. They seem fall appropriate with out being typical.

These were some of the inspirations for Paige's flowers at her wedding. I really wanted dahlias for some reason. Some might think they're ghetto, but I love how they have big fluffy blossoms, yet aren't as fancy as peonies, yet not as plain as daisies or mums, yet I do love mum's.
Any how, I ordered yellow dahlias from Ensign in SLC. They got in the day of Paige's bridals and we went to pick them up, and they were awful. Just grouse. They were a light, sherbity yellowie color. They were wilted and sloppy looking. Very disconcerting. Poor Paige tried to pretend like she liked them. They didn't make us buy them. Luckily we found some dahlias already in that were an orange-ish color that worked. Then we spotted the little flowers that Amanda used for her wedding (which I LOVED) and they seemed to make the difference. That's exactly the gold I need - if only we could afford a bunch of them, expensive little suckers.

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The Heath's said...

Congratulations to Paige! Her flowers are georgous are so tallented.