Sunday, November 11, 2007

David Maisel

"For more than twenty years, David Maisel has chronicled the tensions between nature and culture in his large-scaled photographs of environmentally impacted landscapes."
These are works by an artist that we came across while we were in Chelsea. I loved his stuff and even bought a little mini book of his - paper back and $10!

Turns out after reading about some of this artists images, particularly the ones included in the works titled "Treminal Mirage" (which were what we saw) - many are taken in Utah around the Great Salt Lake.

When I first saw his images I was drawn to the colors and abstract nature of them. Slowly I realized they were at a giant scale. Huge masses of land or water were making those colors and shapes. That's a little alarming since it's hard to imagine a body of water being such an unnatural color. It's a little scary, a lot beautiful.

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