Thursday, October 18, 2007

M&J Trimmings

I discovered this ribbon store (well some one told me about it) a couple of weeks ago and i can't tell you how amazed I was by it. I thought I was in heaven (sad but true). They have every color and type of ribbon and/or trim imaginable. As well as buttons and all sorts of other doo dads. It was a beautiful sight.

Lindsey Rhea - look at all of those handles to choose from for your bags! I guess you better come visit.

Vintage ribbons

The stacked bolts of ribbon are some grosgrain I couldn't resist.

I even found ribbon for Paige's wedding.

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amanda and cub dog said...

I love this blog! I didn't even know you had this, I'm obsessed. By the way, i really like your picture taking skills. For reals, I really like them.