Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hamptons House

This is a project in East Hampton. It's a beautifully age and moss patina'ed wood shingled "1890's cottage" as the client refers to it. The inside is mainly blasted with white and more white. Slightly mismatched mis-scaled furniture, but it is beautifully lived in and casual. Very simple easy going living happens here.
As far as changes go I am starting by focusing on the background. Flooring, lighting, hardware, plumbing. They need to be made consitent. The lighting especially. There are so many fixtures that are old and well made - then others that are new and cheap. I'd love it if they would really focus on the lighting especially.

I can't get over how beautiful the exterior is. The woods variations are lovely. The enviornment is as easy going as it looks.

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amanda and cub dog said...

no way. that's the hampton's house? It's sooooo amazing! I'm so happy for you!