Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ishida Crandall

Aki Ishida was my professor for Studio I. Studio classes are meant to guide you through a design projects start to finish. From concept to finished models, drawings, etc.
David Crandall was my professor for Drawing I: 2d. Drawing I:2d is teaching floor plans, elevations, sections etc. We start by hand drawing them, then produce them in Auto Cad.
I credit David for teaching me to enjoy Auto CAD, which is no small feat. I thought I could never like it, and I even learned to love it. The reason I didn't like it was because most of the Auto Cad drawings you see are as simple and uninteresting as possible, but with some detail it can be really interesting, I think.
Any how, Aki and David are partners in their architecture firm Ishida Crandall. From their teaching personalities alone I would not have assumed that they would be a likely pair, but when I finally checked out their web site I was delitfully surprised.

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