Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cooper Union

I went with Caroline and her sister Katie to Cooper Unions Final Show for the 2006-07 school year. I haven't been to Cooper all semester since Caitlin and Caroline weren't in school this semester - so it was exciting for me. Cooper is a unique place. It's a school that has a reputation for being liberal and avant garde in approach. Everyone who attends is on a full ride scholarship. There is a Fine Art Program (that Caroline and Caitlin are in), Architecture, and Engineering. All three programs had things on display and it was a lot of fun to look it over. I love student art. It's so unpretentious and exciting.

Not this though. This was a mistake. I got all stoked on it, then realized in fact it's just a few cup cake wrappers.
Screen Print
Screen Print

Some kind of printing process, I think. This artist was one of my favorites.

I love this study.

This was a cool way to take it from singular more simple idea - to a more complex one.

All of these above are that same artist. Her name is Kimberly Mullis.

Color and texture

Material on this was really nice. The iridescent shape was a metallic luster type medium. I like the composition as well.

Pretty stones.

This was a cool little thing. It was like a roll of film, but it wasn't negatives. They were colored positives with text on them too.

This photographer seemed to have taken shots of photos or collages. Made for interesting layers and shadows.

I was stoked on the Architecture Program floor (for obvious reasons) and because of the beautiful hand drawings and interesting models. Everything was really well crafted.

My feet waiting for Caroline.

I love this geometric one for the color and forms, but most of all the layering. The top is flat, then there's some moving back in space, then behind that even there is a plaid. It's like a painted math problem.
student - Thompson

This one was a little odd (that's a boot and puzzle pieces with paint poured on it), but I liked the composition and color of it.
student - Jacob Kline

Some where between abstract and figurative. Interesting colors. Mix of different line weights.
student - Bryan Rountree

All in all it was a treat to be able to go, and know some of the students so I could talk to them about their work. Poor Caroline, this stuff is the opposite to her. She's been around the work and the students so much it makes her a little crazy. To me it's the most foreign place in the world. Cooper kids are one of a kind. Dig it.


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