Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Muted Mind You

When Amanda came to New York one of the things she was excited about was a loot of old photos we found at a place called "Junk" in Williamsburg. It's a great little place that has everything.
Amanda's a photo major and I am always trying to tap her mind for what's going on in photography. One way photography is exciting to me is the accessibility there for just about everyone. Amanda, of course, has tapped into this in an awesome way (totally awesome) - she's stoked on these photos taken by armature photographers.
Earlier I had told her about some vibrant photos that I liked - and she mentioned how she had been interested in the opposite. Dim, muted colors.
Of course it was only a matter of weeks of seeing and noticing the aesthetic that I was captivated myself. Luckily over the next few weeks Chelsea ended up posting some images that really helped me wrap my mind around some of these ideas.

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