Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So I Tried

About the time Amanda's offset insight started to sink in, our color of space class started in on a project that I needed to come up with a "color system" for.

I ended up focusing mainly on Polaroid type photos - in that they have a generally muted pallet, yet can have unexpected highlights.

Sooo... I was thinking with this project Annie had gotten us started on [which was to pick colors for an existing apartment recently finished by our professor her firm] that the photos I had been noticing with their multiple colors, yet similarly muted, would work well for a space with multiple rooms and coves. Then the brighter smaller role colors could work in as small, unexpected moments. Forcing the color system to not be taken too seriously, just like the armature photos.

I used the eye dropper tool in Indesign to distill the colors. I know that colors on the computer are way different than the ones they print, so I wouldn't completely trust it, but it's been a good tool for me to "see" colors.

I used a drawing of the space in photoshop to place colors out of one of my pallets. The guy who is living here is single, young, and hopefully doesn't mind pink in his closet.

This is the building that Annie's firm built that we used for our project.

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