Monday, March 22, 2010

Jan Yoors

Had one of those amazing New York moments last week. After spending a few hours on the job site I walked out to the side walk to take a break and met this sweet old lady that lives next door. We started chatting about the neighborhood, my clients (her new neighbors, and things like that. Some how I ended up walking into her house with her - I was speechless. This woman, Mrs. Marianne Yoors, is the widow of the late artist Jan Yoors. These two have lived amazing lives and that was evident just by walking into their home. Their house is covered with beautiful photographs - mostly of the gypsies in Europe that Jan spent years living with, antiques from far off places, giant tapestries on every wall that Jan and Marianne wove together on the 25' loom that is still in their home now. It was truely amazing and inspiring. I plan to have my camera on me next time (if there is one, my fingers are crossed!) so I can snap a few pics of this eclectic paradise. So so great, this is why I love this place.

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