Sunday, November 15, 2009

Artsy Fartsy Make Up

More finds in British Vogue. I like new visions of artsy make up even though I'm rarely caught with much on. It's like art on the face. A few here that I really liked.

Probably wouldn't do it on myself, but I love the crisp intentional lines they created here. I also really like how with such a precise eye they have her hair ratty and dirty. Nice contrast.

Another really beautiful eye I'd love to try on someone else. At least the line under the eye. Maybe for some crazy hip late night party it could be cool. It's like graphiti on the face or like a modern sophisticated version of war paint with a vixon twist.

Some close ups in case you were intersted. Love how the lines split and fade at the ends.

This one wasn't actually in the make up article, but I put it in because I really like her eyebrows. They're strong, yet clean. I can't say how much I dislike an over waxed brow. Maybe my least favorite thing that women do to themselves. Besides plastic surgery I guess. This 19 year old model says she doesn't wax, but pluck - I really should get plucking. I'm way to lax with my brows.

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