Sunday, November 15, 2009

British Vogue Wins

Picked up the Brit version of Vogue while at Barnes & Noble the other day and as it turns out I'm a big fan. US Vogue can feel so mechanical and stuffy these days - maybe it's just because this was a refreshing change, but I found this mag to be sooo full of light interesting inspiration. Much more down to earth, yet still Vogue - esque if you will. Just a few finds:

It wouldn't be a Vogue with out some si-fi randomness. I like her styling here because despite her electric look she still comes off as natural.

Street Style Article

This little Tom Boy is my favorite

Of course I love any magazine that includes fun interiors with fashion - yes please.

Kate Moss circa 1993. I was 11, kind of weird. I still think she's stunning, but she worked it as a fresh faced teen here.

This wasn't even an article, it was a Uniqlo add, but still found it interesting

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