Thursday, September 25, 2008

Frida Frida

I went to the SF-MOMA for a Frida Kahlo exhibit

I forget how striking Kahlo is in real life - I love how powerful/ strong/ brave she seems, all from a simple photograph

Her honesty with expression is so impressive to me - especially since she's consistent about it throughout her career even as her life gets more and more tumultuous
Frida with her husband Diego Rivera. When the two of them met and married Rivera was one of the most well known artists in Mexico and Frida was an just an unknown aspiring painter.
A lot of the work that Frida does is hard to read because in some ways she's very traditional and others she ironic and cynical. In this portrait of her and her husband he is shown as dominant, larger, and even stand a step in front of his wife. Frida almost looks like a child with her nonchalant meek figure.

8 years into their marraige Frida finds out that her husband has been having an affair with her younger sister. Some how they reconsile and make up but then eventually get divorsed. THEN later get remarried.
Watching the progression of her work along with the story of her life is the most interesting part about her work for me. They tell so much about one another.

"Diego on my mind"

"The Broken Column"
She painted this while in the hospital for an entire year because of a broken spinal column

One of the best parts of the exhibit was the gallery of photos taken of Frida, her family, Rivera, and their lives. There were so many little snippets of information in them.

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