Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Works

Time to put clothes back on after a lovely lovely summer in as little as possible - if only I could make that happen in some of these I think I could be talked into it . . .

I want this "boyfriend" sweater to replace the cashmere one I got on sale at jcrew, completely wore out, and then got an oil stain on it, yes an oil stain

yes please

I have wanted some of these for like, oh 30 months now

I've been looking for a skirt this fall - and I think this one would be my ideal


just right for me

Trousers always catch my eye, not so much the top - but that's just me

It's the skirt I want/need

I've seen something like these in some tacky trendy ways (like with these heels, sorry), but I do love a kick ass pair of broken in jeans and everyone needs some to be American

gosh, what can I say I love these - a little boyish, a little civil warish, and yes for what ever reason that means I love it

and yes, I'm thinking of summer/spring already too

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amanda and cub dog said...

i love your finds! hmmmmmmm