Monday, May 12, 2008

Carly in Prada

How classy does carly look in her jumpsuit? I love Carly's style, and I have ever since the day I met her. It doesn't hurt that we have maybe the most similar staple pieces of clothes of anyone else I've ever met.
For example; the original staple piece - the k-mart wife beater (which is what she was wearing the first day we met. We have twinner blue and white stripe button up shirts we wear all of the time. T-shirt, jeans, boots and dark jackets were an every other day thing all winter long. We totally have morphed into the same person.
Needless to say there is definitely one cateogorie Carly completely passes me up in, it's the classy, look like a million bucks out fits as shown here in this picture.
It's cool though because unlike a lot of the other people who wear these kinds of clothes, she always looks down to earth. She is so natural and care free with her look. I'm pretty sure the two of us wear less make up combined than any other person in the design industry, men and women alike. That's cool though, cause that's why I love her.


Danny & Lindsay said...

I love the wall-mart wife-beaters. I get great use out of them!

amanda and cub dog said...

i have a girl crush on her. she's so precious. prada jumpsuit? high rolla.