Sunday, May 11, 2008


I went to the Brooklyn Design Show down in DUMBO with Barbora, Motoki, and Dusty Saturday.

I was stoked because I hear about cool Brooklyn companies all of the time. It's hard to find them all though because unlike the big shots in Soho they can't all afford to pay millions of dollars in rent a year to be on Spring Street.

It's exciting, inspiring, and a lot intimidating to see all of these young designers putting their stuff out there. It was really amazing how many of the people there seemed to be my age. Then there of course are a lot of companies that are more developed - it all made a nice mix. It will be like a warm up for next weekends ICFF.

I'm listing some of my favorite designers, but if you want to read more about the show check out here what Inhabitat had to say about it.

I love the clean, industrial look of this companies furniture and products. Their built ins in particular were sooo cool. I'm hoping that Carly will consider them for the kitchen at a project we're doing right now in Chelsea.

They did the interiors for this gallery.

Charlie Brokate

These were such cute little paper lamps

Aphrodite - the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture,
plus she makes a pretty sweet pattern for wall paper



Mixing rustic, beautiful wood with contemporary clean lacquer frame, just like one of my very favorite (previously) Brooklyn furniture makers BDDW

I've seen these lights around at a few Brooklyn shops. I like the texture and interest they can bring with them. Would be a good focal point for a little apartment.

Then there was jewelry! How excited was I when I found a whole tent of jewelry!

emily amey

Kiel Mead
This is one of my favorite young designers I came across. He was there in his booth so I was able to chat with him a bit. I thought it was so cool he had made this jewelry and had it in this big show. Then I get home and look up his site, and he has sooo much more of his work there too. He's been busy, and successful, but I can see why.
I need this ring around my finger to help remind about, well everything

How is this designer with these simple jewelry designs create a beautiful furniture pieces like this too!

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