Sunday, April 6, 2008

Water Colorist, Jack Unruh

I came across Jack Unruh's work in a New York Magazine article about Rudy Julianie. The article wasn't very flattering, neither was the cartoon image I suppose. It did strike me though (the image). The freshness of the limited color on the light sketchiness of the drawing reminded me of some little paintings I had been attempting. I still remember Diana Gardiner (my watercolor teacher at the UofU) talking about not "muddling" your colors and such. Something that was a lot more difficult than I could have guessed right off. With examples of one free and easy Utah artist in particular (and I can't remember his name!) - I had spent a lot of time attempting to create whole painting with the deceptively difficult medium. I've been happy with my recent more manageable sketching I've done with furniture, and this artist has given me another little push in that direction. Thanks Jack.

Jacks website wasn't quiet as exciting to me as the Julianie image that originally interesting. His careful paintings and drawings are impressive though. This one above is a cool one. Thanks to my Design Principals teacher I have this uncommon interest/border line obsession with diagrams, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I still think these characters are his most provocative though.
(Thanks Barbara for listening to my rambling, and proving to listen by emailing me this)

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