Saturday, April 26, 2008

HH 4 days to deadline

Down to the last handful of days to get the house ready in East Hampton. I love this project so much. What a rad project to be able to build with these guys. It helps that they are unbelievably patient and lovely.

It has been the most amazing thing to watch ideas become . . . physical? Is that the right way to say it - become reality? It's funny though because it's someone else's reality. I'm going to miss this house.

I've been out here off and on for the last 3 weeks. The crew of cabinet makers, painters, electrician, plumber, they all kind of watch me in awe and confusion. I'm moving furniture and buying parts and pieces of electrical sockets and trying to fix antique sconces. Maybe not like most of the designers they have worked with. I love working as in physically moving things, and fixing things. I've been sanding a painted bench that I bought because I want more of the wood showing. I started rubbing the sconces that I just stripped with metal and they look sooo good, just how I would have wanted. It's so nice to be able to make things look just how you want them. It's not something you can do very easily with new things.

It's also really cool that I get to kind of live in the space as I work. For the most part I am on constant ADD mode for real. I'll get up to go get something in another room and 45 min later I'm still dinning around with something that distracted me. Then I'll start something else and go back again. Even at night when I go down to get something I start working on something else. Then I can't find anything because who knows where I was last, or where I could have left something. So crazy. I'm such a spaz.

Right now I'm feeling really excited, anxious, grateful, and a little bitter sweet about finishing. Hopefully the Smillow's will let me come back visit every once and a while.

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