Monday, August 6, 2007


The Prada store in Soho is known for it's over the top design - so I stop there time to time to revisit it. Rem Koolhaas of OMA is the epic designer that is to credit for the design. I've heard that the interior has been controversial because of the rare wood they used ALL over. It's beautiful of course, but in the environmentally conscious climate - these guys made a big faux paux. They used a species of wood that is very rare and very non sustainable. It's too bad that is the big spot light, because my favorite part of the store is down stairs away from the massive sweeping wood structure. Funny enough I couldn't even find a photo of the Soho store besides the ones of the sweeping wood area.

Down stairs there is a series of shelved narrow rooms, one after another. Probably 6 or so in a row. There are mirrors and corridors that make it feel like it continues on much farther too. The shelved walls are all on tracks too, so the spaces can be narrowed or widened. One of my favorite parts is the almost eerie white, gray, subtle green hue of the lacquered fixtures. When you're inside without any white walls to reference it almost seems like the fixtures are white, and the color is coming from the lighting or something.

I found these little gems in the way way back of the downstairs. Ticket price $5,450 each.

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