Monday, August 6, 2007

Paul Smith

For a long time I thought Paul Frank was Paul Smith or vise versa, but I finally got it. Paul Smith has been interesting to me for the last couple of years - without really knowing what or who he was.
Anyway, once in the city I saw a few of his shops - his Soho shop in particular really stood out to me from the moment that I walked it. Rustic, classic, quirky, traditional, a mix. Plus, I have always liked the sensibilities of mens clothing and Paul Smith has a sophisticated way of adding that into most things he does.
This is inside his Soho shop. they're at odd angles because I didn't want to weird out any of the staff.
This room looks really messy, and it was, but it was almost purposely so. It was a sale area. Countered with the gridded photo wall it was some how just fine.

Another thing that comes to my mind is the Eames's. Smith's color pallet along with his quirkiness kept me coming back to that refrence.

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