Monday, March 4, 2013

JMB Logo

For quite some time I have been needing a branding re-vamp and I have finally got the one and only KP on the job - see her stuff here.
I have loaded the logo above and would love some feed back.  I am going from Jessica MB to simply JMB, something I have wanted to do FOREVER.  In my portfolio I will have my interiors work, my freelance and collaborative work, as well as some of the events that I have been a part of.  I want to expand into any/all aspects of interiors and artistic direction and this is one of the first steps in getting my "look" to catch up with my aspirations.
For the 3 or so people that read this blog please give me your opinion.  I'm liking the direction of this logo, but I'm not set on anything so give me your feedback!

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chelsea james said...

OK this is a hard one. I hope this helps.. I love your new logo. thats so cool that kelly helped you with it. do you have any of the other contenders? My only setback on this is it seems a little conservative. I like the white one more, it feels really open and clean. I am the worst at this. font is not my specialty. your logo looks really big time too, like its a big company. That was just my first impression. you can take it or leave it. i love that we are all little entrepreneurs. screw the king, screw the king!
how are you feeling? Are you getting better? I can't wait to hear all about japan and catch up. when you beat this bug lets hang. miss you sister.