Monday, November 19, 2012

Morning Reads and Looks

This morning I started my surfing with an article I marked to read on T Magazine Blog Timely - Prop Star Kate Dougherty.  She was a stylist on "Moon Rise Kingdom" = instant crush.  Turns out she's as cool as I would have imagined (well, what the article exposes anyway).

I've been thinking about events a lot more lately now that I've been working with Meld (we have a big one coming up in January) and her combination of ideas is as quirky and playful as it gets.  Plus it reminds me of Brooklyn and I always love that.
Once on the Kate Dougherty site some perusing brought me to a link to this photographer.
Les Loups pics are worth a look.  He does a lot of weddings and has a cool editorial look.  Nice to see something new.  I'm not big into having my picture taken, but I think I would be into this guy.  Plus the music he plays on his site is the perfect mix.  I ended up leaving the window open while I continued on my merry way through the internets.

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