Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catalog Living

I love this blog I just came across through T magazine blog.  It's a satire on catalog images and how ridiculous they can be.  Thank you for recognizing how utterly unauthentic and silly "decor" can be.  This coming from someone who does this for a living I get really depressed by all of the junk out there. Yes, I am involved in the spreading of it too - have you seen my house?  I'm a trinket hoarder, but for what it's worth I recognize how silly it can be.
Love it!

Example Post:
Sure Elaine, I can pay the bills. Just put them in line behind sorting the starfish, untangling this bucket of rope, and identifying everyone in this photo.

The best part about this one is I actually have a client who yes, sorts her star fish.

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