Sunday, December 13, 2009


There was a Alexander Calder exhibit at the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) and I was so glad to see it because I do love this character and his work. I mean look at him, you can just tell he's great.

Calder is probably best known for his mobiles. He has a huge body of work just in the mobiles and those were what was on display at the SAM. These are so magical to see in person because they have such a great life to them that you just can't get from a picture (especially my faded phone photos). They have a mind blowing breath and balance to them. I also really like his color palettes.

Also in Seattle are examples of his large scale pieces. This one is called "Eagle" and sits at Olympic Park right near Farner's apartment.

Maybe the most charming and sentimental of Calders work though may be his early wire sculptures. I love the detail and quirkiness of them. I saw and exhibit at the Whitney where they had loads of these wire sculptures on display and played a video of the AMAZING circus that he put together with them.

Press the photo for a link to the video of the circus since some how I have no idea how to actually post video on my blog still.

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chelsea b james said...

jealous? yes. i love those mobils, it reminds me of foundation 3d classes.