Sunday, February 3, 2008

Erie Basin

I was in Red Hook this weekend (one of my favorite hideaways in Brooklyn) and I passed a little store that I have walked past before, but never been in. It's beautifully mysterious looking with it's black furniture and floors and otherwise white interior. There is old furniture on display in the window of the rickety old building - and if you look past that furniture you can see that the little things inside are too beautiful and careful to be cheap.

It's one of the mysteries of Brooklyn, and New York in general. How do these jems survive in their run down neighborhoods? Red Hook is being revitalized now, but it's no Soho. It's far far away from any subways, and even then it's far from the city and even downtown Brooklyn, but still this little slightly gothic victorian contemporary looking antique store survives?

How ever it works I'm sure glad it does - because there is no other place I would rather be surprised by an amazing shop like this than in a lovely desolate place like Red Hook.
Plus they have a web site so others can get a glimpse of the coolness -

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alexis & mikey said...

what a mind you have. and eye. i love your blog! you are a pretty cool crazy girl. i'm glad we're friends. btw, we might be coming over there next weekend! let's meet up.